Thailand Visa Process

When arriving to Thailand by airplane you will receive 30 days visa.

If you want to study one of our shorter courses and stay in Thailand for 1-6 Months, you can apply for a double entry visa in your own country.

simply go to Thailand embassy where you are located and apply for a 2 entry permit (As a tourist), this will give you enough time to study through our courses.

Double Entry Permit

You will receive visa for 2 Months, at the end of those 2 months you can go to the immigration office in Chiang Mai and ask for 1 month extension (it cost 1900 Baht = $65)

Once the month extension has passed you can go to Mae Sai (The closest border to Chiang Mai – 3 Hours driving) and use your second entry, which will permit you to stay another 2 Months in Thailand (Which you can extend in Immigration office for another month (for the same cost 1900 Baht = $65)

Educational Visa

If you plan to stay for more than 6 Months, we can supply you for Educational Visa.