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October 7, 2019by dressmaking0

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If you are interested in learning how to make baby clothes or kids clothes, this course is a perfect choice.

Whether you want to make clothes for your own child, or you wish to make a career in designing baby clothes, Our course will teach you the fine skills of making baby and children clothes.

Make Baby Clothes Course (8 Weeks) – $700

In the Make Baby Clothes course you will learn about:

  • Baby Clothes Sizes
  • Pattern for baby dress
  • how to take body measurements for children
  • Calculate fabric yardage
  • Cut baby clothes
  • Sew baby clothes
  • Make baby pants
  • Make baby shirt
  • Make baby skirt
  • Baby dressmaking

Iall of those skills will allow you to create beautiful and unique clothes for babies.
Here are some pictures of our proud moms creating some beautiful dresses for their daughters.

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