Study In Thailand With Uangdoi Design

Thailand, a place of tropical weather, Magical landscapes and a tourist heaven, considered as one of the best places to travel and enjoy a vacation, however there are more to Thailand then just its beautiful beaches and exotic landscapes.
There are many things you can do while in Thailand, and many tourists are taking advantage of that fact and signing up to study a new skill, even in a couple of weeks while traveling.

Some even decide to stay for few months and achieve better results by focusing and taking an advanced course.
Uangdoi design school can teach you valuable skills that can accompany you for your entire life, help you start you own business, or work for a firm that will be interested in your skills.

Our specialty is educating our students about dressmaking and fashion design.

We have courses that can fit for anyone, whether your time here is short or long.
Our dressmaking courses are fun and productive and will teach you all about tailoring, including patterns ,designing and embroidering. We offer advanced classes as well where you can learn how to make a wedding dress, or evening dresses with your own unique style and expression. Once you will finish any of our courses, you will be able to make your own clothes!!

Uangdoi design school is the only school in Chiang Mai that teaches in English and French.

so if you were hesitating because of the language, worry not. English is commonly used in Chiang Mai and you will have no problems to get along.
One of the best things about studying in Thailand is the fact that the courses were designed for people who are limited with time, also, the personal treatment you receive in the courses will help enhance your skills of dressmaking and design faster and more professionally.

Our school is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A lovely town with a lot of nature, friendly environment and peacefulness that is hardly seen in other places, the whole north of Thailand area is amazing, full with mountains, jungles, waterfalls, hot springs and many attractions you can do while staying and studying here.

If you are considering about studying abroad, Study in Thailand can be your best option.
Here are some of the great advantages when you decide you want to study in Thailand with Uangdoi design school:

Professional Teachers

Our school was established 39 years ago, and our teachers have a lot of experience when it comes to dressmaking and fashion design, You will learn the best practices and techniques from respectable and reputable teachers.

Gain a New Skill

The most important advantage when learning with Uangdoi design is for you to learn something new, that is exciting and will accompany you for all of your life, You will be able to make your own clothes with your own style, enjoy the process and make your dream come true.

Diploma from Ministry of Education

The courses you will go through are recognized by the Ministry of education, and at the end you will receive a diploma that is recognized in the world, Our students have already won worldwide prizes and awards for their designs.

Affordable Costs

Comparing to many countries in the world, the cost of living in Thailand is relatively cheap and affordable to anyone, it starts from accommodations which are especially low in Chiang Mai. Food prices are good, and you can always find a good meal for $1-$3 dollars, transportation and other living costs including products you use everyday are also extremely cheap compare to most countries.

Great Weather

Being a tropical country, there are 3 seasons in Thailand, the rainy season, the cool season and the hot season, however almost all the year the temperatures are pretty hot and comfortable with blue clear sky and sun.

Delicious Food

Thai food is extremely rich with ingredients, spices and great flavors, there are countless of restaurants and places to eat at, and in Thailand you can expect to find restaurants with flavors from all the world, so no matter what is your favorite food type, you can find it here.

Friendly Environment

The atmosphere in Chiang Mai is very friendly, and Thailand is not called the land of smiles in vain.
When visiting Thailand you will enjoy the great Thai hospitality, full with warm smiles and laugh.

Amazing Landscapes

Even though you are studying, you can always enjoy trips in the area and explore north of Thailand landscapes. There are many waterfalls and hot springs within minutes of driving, great mountains and extreme trips that will make your time here as the best experience in your life.